Hair Reduction

Professional hair reduction treatments

Five Star Nails & Beauty offer hair reduction treatments with IPL (intense pulsed light). IPL is a machine which is used to damage the follicle from where the hair is growing which slows down and eventually stops the hair growth from that particular area. IPL can also help to remove the signs of veins and acne along with reducing pigmentation.

Sessions of 6 are usually required for optimum results.

Our hair reduction treatments


Areas: One Session Price Six Session Price
Lip/chin £35 £175
1/2 Face, underarm £50 £250
Bikini standard £75 £250
Brazilian/Hollywood £75/£100 £375/£500
1/2 Leg, 1/2 Arm £100 £500
Chest/back £120 £600
Full leg inc bikini £180 £900

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